The 2014 Snap and Win Photo Contest

The 2014 Snap and Win Photo Contest

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At the beginning of the month the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau & Sports Commission’s (LICVB&SC) wrapped up its annual Snap and Win photo contest.  This is the Bureau’s second year holding the contest.  Throughout September photographers were given an opportunity to submit their favorite works portraying the things they love about Long Island, resulting in over a thousand submissions.  Among the contenders were beautiful shots of Long Island’s beaches, parks, historic structures, local events and more, but in the end only a handful of these works of art would be declared winners.

from the 2014 Snap and Win Photo Contest

Grand Prize Winner Tim Thomson’s photo of Robert Moses. Click to see our Pinterest of Weekly Winners!

However, it isn’t so that the rest of these submissions will go unseen.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau truly values each and every photograph they receive during this time of year, and apply them in several rings. The LICVB&SC uses these pictures throughout the year in social media, in publications and other collateral materials.  Can you guess where many of the backgrounds and spreads came from when LICVB&SC produced the 2014 Travel Guide?  Each artist is credited fully so if you are a prize winning professional, or just a casual photographer that submitted his/her shot on a whim, people will know who to thank.

from the 2014 Snap and Win Photo Contest

Runner Up Lori Monteith’s photo of a Fire Island ferry. Click to see our Pinterest of Weekly Winners!

Keep an eye on the Facebook if you want to see more, as some of this year’s entries will be posted in the coming weeks.  A special thanks from the LICVB&SC to all of those who submitted this year,  the next contest can’t come soon enough!  Keep taking those photos folks, there is plenty to behold on our beautiful Long Island.


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